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How To Paint Polka Dots On Bedroom Walls


How To Paint Polka Dots On Bedroom Walls

Find out how to give a blank wall some character with polka dots. Polka dots are a fantastic decorative painting technique for your walls. Check out the steps listed below on the best How To Paint Polka Dots On Bedroom Walls.

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Material Needed:
  • 2 different paint shades - Basecoat as well as coordinating with color for polka dot pattern
  • Premade circle pattern or empty pattern sheets. Readily available at craft stores as well as on-line merchants.
  • Compass, round item( s) for pattern
  • Pen knife
  • 1" or 2" low-tack/safe launch tape
  • 9" roller frame as well as cover
  • Stencil or tiny brush
  • Roller frying pan with lining
  • Tape measure, carpenters level, pencil

Step 1
When you have all your products ready, as well as the room cleared for painting, paint your base coat of paint on the wall utilizing one of the two colors you have actually made a decision to use. Allow it completely dry a minimum of 4 hours or overnight for finest results.

Step 2
Make patterns for the dots. Utilize a compass to map circles on stencil sheets. If you do not have a compass, take advantage of a rounded item like a supper plate. Cut the circles out of the sheet with a sharp pen blade making use of safe reducing methods to develop your stencil. If you desire a selection of dot sizes, Use a range of dimension patterns and eliminate different-sized circles.

Step 3
Choose your pattern and mark with light pencil mark or a tiny piece of tape where the facility of each polka dot will certainly be on the wall.

Step 4
Tape your pattern to the wall using low-tack/safe release tape.

Step 5
Using your stencil brush or tiny paint brush begin painting from the outer edge of the circle to the center to avoid paint leaking under the pattern. Eliminate the pattern very carefully. Do this for all circles. You numerous need a second layer depending upon your desired results.

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